CV template example

SAMJIT (SAM) SURPINDER, MA, CA ACCOUNTING MANAGER PERSONAL INFORMATION Tel: 604.888.9998 | Email: | Nationality: Singaporean EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Couples extensive financial knowledge with a strong foundation of business management Ambitious, dedicated and disciplined business leader and financial champion, utilizes a proactive approach to overcome hindrances and implement prudent financial management. Compassionate team leader, mentor and coach,

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IT Project Manager Sample


Check out these two resumes below. On the left is the original CV of our client, John Kee. On the right is the updated version of his CV crafted by our team. We’ve reproduced his profile here with John’s permission. Over a 45 day period, we doubled John’s interview call ups. His new CV articulated

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4 Tips To Get A Job From Your Personal Network


Stop wasting your time on job boards. Connections, whether personal or professional, are by far the #1 way that people acquire new employment. The fact is, most job opportunities aren’t even advertised. In a bid to avoid hours upon hours screening hundreds of resumes and interview mediocre candidates, many hiring managers bypass advertising job openings

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7 Tips For Moms Re-joining The Workforce


Are you a stay at home mother itching to return to the workforce, now that your children are grown? Or are you stuck, uncertain of how to stage your comeback after a long break? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you—just follow these 7 simple tips! Be Flexible Keep an open mind and don’t feel

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How to Answer “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”


“You’ve told me about your strengths. I want to now know what are your biggest weakness?” I hate that question. As a former recruiter, I can tell you that it doesn’t tell me anything about the quality of the candidate. In fact, I no longer use it when hiring people. Unfortunately, it still remains the

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