Cover Letter Samples 英文求職信 (2020)


Searching for a downloadable Cover Letter sample for your job application? Look no further! (Click here for Chinese (漢語) articles)

Our team of former recruiters and headhunters has been hard at work, compiling this assortment of Cover Letter examples across industry sectors.

Here you can find a Cover Letter sample for almost every industry! Each Cover Letter sample is tailored for the Hong Kong market, BUT also applicable for most overseas roles as well. We’re populating this list with more sample Cover Letter examples over the next month, so do check back here often for updates 🙂


Cover Letter Sample: Sorted By Industry

In each Cover Letter sample, we go into great detail on our Cover Letter format, section by section, on how to write a winning Cover Letter for particular roles and industries, and key pitfalls to avoid. We also share strategies to reach out to recruiters using your Cover Letter. Check out our guide on How to Write a Cover Letter to understand our Cover Letter template completely.

We also share some of our top favourite Cover Letter examples here. These winning Cover Letters have landed our clients interviews at the likes of Facebook, Airbnb, Ikea, and more 🙂

Got a question on our Cover Letter template? Feel free to reach out to us here.

Happy exploring!


Fresh Grad Cover Letter Samples

Note: Cover Letters for students and fresh graduates differ from those written by working professionals. As fresh graduates may not be able to highlight significant past work experience, they must demonstrate transferable skills such as technical and leadership abilities in their Cover Letters. Alternatively, they could also describe academic experiences and projects relevant to the roles they are applying for.

Business & Management Cover Letter Samples

Consultant Cover Letter Samples

HR, Admin, & Operations Cover Letter Samples

Banking & Finance Cover Letter Samples

IT Cover Letter Samples

Marketing, Sales & Advertising Cover Letter Samples

Other Cover Letter Samples


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But as shared in our Ultimate Cover Letter Guide, job hunting is a two-piece puzzle.

A good Cover Letter won’t take you far if you have a poor CV.

Learn how to write a killer CV with our Ultimate CV Guide, and check out our free CV samples for various industries and professions.


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