Finance Manager Resume Sample


Key Pointers Recruiters Look Out For: Experience in full set of accounts Ability to support senior management in making business growth decisions Familiarity with various accounting softwares (SAP, Hyperion, Oracle) You will also have to be technically astute with sound knowledge of financial fundamentals. Knowledge of general ledger, budgeting, forecasting, accounting standards and compliance regulations

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Hong Kong Interview Tips


1. Prepare an elevator pitch Come to the interview prepared with a quick 30 seconds pitch about you. The pitch is a short summary of your career history and background. Do also include some fun details for example, the age of your children. It’s always good to start off an interview on a fun positive

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How To Ask For a Reference Letter


Reference letters are probably the last thing on a job seeker’s mind when putting together their application. However few realise the value of a well written reference letter from a former employer. A good reference letter vouches for your abilities from an objective standpoint, unlike your resume. But getting a reference letter is a tricky

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How To Write A Cover Letter


What is a cover letter? A cover letter, also known as a motivational letter, is an introduction of yourself attached as together with your resume. Such letters are commonly sent by jobseekers as a way of giving the recruiter a quick glance of their capabilities and interests. Why Do I need a cover letter? Recruiters

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Resume Samples & Tips


A well written resume is crucial in securing that dream job interview. Here are some samples of resumes by We’ve split them up by industry. Select the CV Sample closest to your current job. In each sample resume, we go down in great detail, section by section, as to what recruiters are looking for and the key

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