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CV Samples Sorted By Industry

Struggling with your CV? Need some resume help and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! (Click here for Chinese (漢語) articles)

Our expert HR consultants have written a free downloadable CV sample for almost every industry sector in Hong Kong, to help you with your job application 🙂

In each CV sample, we dive into great detail on the CV format, section by section, on what recruiters are looking for in a CV for your industry, and key pitfalls to avoid. You may also read our ultimate guide on How To Write A CV to understand our CV sample format completely 🙂

Don’t forget – job hunting is a two-piece puzzle. Besides your CV, you’ll also need a great Cover Letter.

So we’ve prepared downloadable Cover Letter samples for you too. Use them well!


Student & Fresh Grad CV Samples

A CV sample for a student or fresh graduate will differ significantly from those who have been previously employed. If you’re unable to highlight any past work experience, you must emphasise your academic experiences and projects you’ve handled – pick those that demonstrate transferable skills such as technical and leadership abilities.

Whether you’re using your CV for internship application, for a part time role, or your first full-time job (congratulations!), take advantage of our resume sample to make your job application process easier.


Marketing CV Samples

Marketing professionals are skilled in marketing products and services for their companies. But when it comes to promoting themselves via their CVs, some executives find it challenging to do so. Check out our marketing resume samples to learn how you can successfully “market” yourself and sell your skills to potential employers.


Sales & Advertising CV Samples


IT CV Samples


Banking & Finance CV Samples


HR, Admin, & Operations Resume Samples


Accounting & Audit CV Samples


Engineering CV Samples


Education CV Samples


Hospitality CV Samples


Other CV Samples


Download All CV Samples

Get our complete set of 50+ CV Samples.

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Free CV Sample Download - Download Hong Kong CV Samples Here


Get Free CV Templates

After you’ve viewed our CV Samples, why not give writing your own CV a go? Download one of our CV Template Hong Kong versions – 11 modern, easy-to-use designs to choose from.

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Downloadable CV sample and CV template HK


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