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Job Placement Package

We’ll do all the applications, you just have to turn up for the interviews

Job Placement Service
We’ll do all the applications, you just have to turn up for the interviews
4,890 HKD

30 Days of Job Applications
Done by our team of job assistants.
Source and apply to jobs for you
We’ll send you weekly updates of the jobs we’ve applied to
Contact our network of recruiters
We’ll reach out to all our recruiter contacts to push you as a candidate.

Full CV Rewrite By Our Team
We’ll rewrite your CV in full
Video Interview Coaching
Nail that interview with our 1-on-1 interview training session (includes video recordings)
Salary Negotiation Coaching
Get trained on what to tell HR in order to increase their offer by 15%

100% Money Back Guarantee (7 Days)


From CV To Final Interview

Post-Order Questionnaire

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an automated email requesting:

  1. Your Current CV
  2. Sample Job Ads You’re Targeting

Once you send us your documents, we’ll assign a job search assistant to get started

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Job Placement Service

Our team will execute on all aspects of the job hunt. You only need to turn up for interviews.

The job placement service includes:
– Identification of suitable roles for you
– Job applications done for you by our team
– Customisation of your CV* for each role
– Customisation of your cover letter* for each role
– Networking out to recruiters & hiring managers (using your LinkedIn account)

This service will run for 30 calendar days. (including weekends and public holidays)

*Note: You’ll need to provide the CV and cover letter to us. Our team will only customise it for each role. If you do not have a CV, consider purchasing our CV writing package.

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Optional Add Ons

In additon to our CV package, we also offer:

  2. Get our team of professionals to rewrite your CV in full

    – We’ll conduct a 1-on-1 phone interview (1-hour)
    – Study your target job ads and give career advice
    – Completely rewrite your CV from scratch to be ATS compliant
    – Position your CV to be competitive for your target roles

  4. Book a 1-hr call with our career coach to practice any interviews you land.

    – We’ll research your company and the hiring manager
    – Send you a list of interview questions to expect
    – Schedule a 1-on-1 mock interview with our team to practice those questions
    – Give you a recording of the session for future reference

  6. Book a strategy session with our ex-recruiters to plan your salary negotiation.

    – We’ll research your company and the hiring manager
    – We’ll give you market salary benchmarks for your role
    – Prepare a list of negotiation points and scripts for you
    – Conduct a 1-on-1 zoom call to practice those negotiation points

You can order these additional items later once you’ve started the job placement process

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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to blow you away with our service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the quality of job placement service, just email us and we’ll process a full refund.

As of 31st October 2023, our refund rate for this year is under 1%

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Will you be rewriting my CV?

No. If you purchase this job placement package, we will not be rewriting your CV.

For the job placement package, we will use your existing CV and LinkedIn profile when applying to jobs.

If you feel your CV or LinkedIn needs improvement, you can purchase the job document rewrite package.

How will your team know the companies and job titles to apply to?

We’ll do a short consultation with you before we start the job placement service. We’ll understand in detail the kinds of jobs you’re aiming for. That’ll allow us to apply for only the most relevant roles. 

Can I give specific job ads for you to apply to?

We’ll be shortlisting jobs for you in a spreadsheet. If you have your own list of open roles you’d like us to apply to, just add it to the spreadsheet. We’ll then tailor your CV, apply for the role, and reach out to the relevant hiring managers. 

Can I check the jobs before you apply?

You can do that, but it’ll slow down the process considerably. We recommend that you let us apply for any suitable role we find. If an interview arrives to an unsuitable role, you can always reject the interview opportunity. If we’re applying for multiple jobs which are not in your preference, just email us. We’ll then adjust the job search parameters to better identify roles which are suitable for you.

Can I reject interviews for roles I’m not keen on?

Yes! Feel free to reject any unsuitable interview calls which come in.

Can I see the companies you are applying to?

Yes! Once a week, we will send you an updated spreadsheet with the list of roles we’ve applied to.

Will you be emailing hiring managers and recruiters on my behalf?

Yes! We’ll be setting up a new email account specifically for you. We’ll use it to email hiring managers and recruiters in your target companies and industries. 

Will you be connecting with hiring managers and recruiters on my linkedin account?

Yes! If you give us access to your LinkedIn account, we will do this too. 

Can I choose not to sign an offer?

Yes. You only need to sign offers which you are comfortable with.

How long does the job placement service run for?

We will start the clock from the date of your first application. This includes weekends and public holidays.

What happens after my period of job searching ends?

You can choose to extend the service. (subject to availability of slots)

What about international positions or remote positions?

If you have some remote roles you’d like to apply to, we’re unable to assist.

What’s your track record for this job placement program?

This is a new service that started in July 2023. As of 31st Oct 2023, 100% of our clients have landed 3 or more interviews.

What If I Don’t Have A CV?

Not a problem. Simply order the CV writing package that matches your years’ of experience and we’ll write a winning resume from scratch, just for you.

Do You Offer Discounts?

No. We pride ourselves on charging our customers fairly and consistently. Everyone gets the same fair deal.

Can I Buy A CV Package For Someone Else?

Yes! Our CV Packages make for thoughtful gifts, that can have a real impact on someone’s career, and life! To buy a package as a gift, simply email us at

What are the terms and conditions of the refund policy?

We do not have any fine prints or hidden terms and conditions.

Client Testimonials

Success stories like these are what we live for

“If you’re thinking about using ResumeWriter, don’t hesitate. My company was closing down and everyone was jobseeking. Thanks to ResumeWriter, I scored at least 7-9 interviews, received 2-3 offers and landed a role within a new industry. The reason I have my current opportunity is mostly credited to them!”
Carey B
Carey B
Account Manager
Landed 5 interviews in the past month with my new CV, despite COVID! My writer knew what HR/Recruiters are looking for, and their Best Practices. She reflected the best of my work experience in my CV, and alleviated any concerns I had. Highly recommend – 5 stars for sure!!”
Jonny Lee
Jonny Lee
Performance Director
“The CV and Cover Letter my writer produced were detailed but concise. He was patient, friendly and even gave me useful tips beyond just my CV and Cover Letter. I’m now more confident in finding internships. Really positive experience, would definitely recommend ResumeWriter!”
Madeeha Shahnaaz
Madeeha Shahnaaz