50+ Hong Kong CV Samples

January 03, 2022

Scroll down to find a CV Sample for your industry. With over 50+ CV Samples written for the Hong Kong job market by the ResumeWriter Hong Kong team, we’re confident you’ll find a CV Example that inspires you!

Each of the 50+ CV Samples in the list below are written in line with ResumeWriter Hong Kong’s latest CV Writing guidelines. With a CV Sample for many common industries and job functions, we hope these inspire you when writing your own CV.

Looking for a CV Template to write your own CV? Check out our downloadable library of 10+ ATS-optimized CV templates, which we use to help jobseekers in Hong Kong.

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    Student & Fresh Graduate CV Samples

    How do you write a CV as a student or fresh graduate, when you might not have much work experience? Read on to find out!

    Marketing CV Samples

    Check out our range of Marketing-related CV Samples. Whether you’re in digital, e-Commerce or traditional marketing, we have a CV Sample for you!

    Banking & Finance CV Samples

    Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading Banking and Finance hubs. Take a look at some CV Examples that have helped applicants land a coveted role in this competitive sector.

    Accounting & Audit CV Samples

    Hong Kong is also known for its Accounting and Audit sectors. Take a look at some of the CV Samples we’ve written for these roles.

    Engineering CV Samples

    Hong Kong is also known for its Accounting and Audit sectors. Take a look at some of the CV Samples we’ve written for these roles.

    Education CV Samples

    Play a role in shaping some of Hong Kong’s brightest minds for the future. Here are some CV Samples to inspire your own learning journey.

    Hospitality CV Samples

    Check out some of the Hospitality CV Samples we’ve written.

    Other CV Samples

    We really mean it when we say we’ve CV Samples for different industries!

    Frequently Asked Questions about our CV Samples

    Are these CVs really catered to the Hong Kong Job Market?

    Yes! Our CV Samples are written exclusively for the Hong Kong job market. ResumeWriter Hong Kong is a CV Writing firm in Hong Kong. Our CVs are written in line with CV Writing Best Practices advocated by recruiters and employers in Hong Kong.

    What is the best CV Format in Hong Kong?

    There are plenty of CV Formats suggested by different job boards. Based on our experience, however, we’ve found that the best CV Format is one that captures your skills, Achievements and prior experience in the most digestible and impactful manner for your reader.

    We have our own proprietary format that we recommend our clients to follow. Check out our Hong Kong CV Format here.

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