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    Resume & CV Samples

    January 08, 2021

    Over 50+ resume samples developed by our experts for various industries and job functions in Hong Kong. Scroll down to explore and download.

    You’ve downloaded our CV templates and read our CV writing guide.

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      Student & Fresh Graduate CV Samples

      Students and fresh graduates might not be able to highlight past work experience. So, what you need to emphasise are academic experiences and projects you’ve handled that can demonstrate transferable skills, such as technical and leadership abilities.

      Marketing CV Samples

      Marketing professionals are skilled in marketing products and services for their companies. But when it comes to promoting themselves via their CVs, some executives find it challenging to do so. Check out our marketing CV samples to learn how you can successfully “market” yourself and sell your skills to potential employers.

      Education CV Samples

      Frequently Asked Questions about our CV Samples

      What is a CV?

      A CV is a factual document summing up your career history: your work experience, skill sets and accomplishments. It informs your reader what you have done in prior roles, and how you can continue to contribute value in your next role.

      At least that’s how most jobseekers view their CVs.

      But the truly effective jobseekers (those who actually land the role) recognise that a CV is more than a piece of paper.

      Your CV is your sales pitch. It is your marketing tool to capture your reader’s attention so you get called in for an interview.

      Treat your CV as a sales tool, and you’ll see your interview callbacks skyrocket.

      We go into more detail on how to write an effective CV that gets you interviews in our Ultimate CV Guide for 2021.

      How to Write a CV?

      Writing a CV can be nerve-wrecking. Especially if you haven’t written one in a while. But don’t fret!

      Your CV should be clear and concise. Avoid any fluff or unncessary details. Get to the point.

      Sell your skills in as few pages as possible. Get the reader’s attention by letting your achievements and skills speak for themselves.

      See how our client, John, landed 5 interviews after following our Resume Writing tips. Read John’s AMAZING story here!

      What Sections should I include in a CV?

      As a rule of thumb, these are the sections you absolutely should have in your resume:

      • Executive Summary
      • Key Skills and Areas of Expertise
      • Work Experience
      • Significant Achievements under each Work Experience
      • Technical Skills
      • Miscellaneous Information like your Notice Period and Languages

      Some optional sections that you could insert in your resume include:
      • Personal Projects
      • Volunteer Experiences
      • Conferences and Publications

      We’ve written resumes for jobseekers in Asia Pacific for over a decade, and have found that these resume sections are the most effective in capturing your reader’s attention and marketing yourself. We go into extensive detail on how to write each section in our Ultimate Resume Writing Guide.

      How Long should my CV Be?

      Our Resume Writing Consultants get asked this question all the time.

      For mid-career and senior-career jobseekers, a 2-3 page resume would suffice. If you just started your career, or are an early-career jobseeker, a 1-2 page resume works.

      We dive into further detail in our Ultimate Resume Writing Guide.

      What is the best CV Format?

      If you’ve been browsing through the web for Resume resources and career advice, you might have seen that there are different types of resume formats: Reverse-chronological Resume Format, Functional Resume Format and Combination Resume Format.

      Most of these formats are invented by Resume Builders that create software-generated CVs. Different resume formats and templates give them an opportunity to “sell” more value to jobseekers.

      However, as Resume Writers who write CVs by hand, and as former HR veterans ourselves, we can confidently state that the type of resume format you use isn’t as significant as these Resume Builders make it out to be.

      Instead, the secret to effective Resume Writing that will land you job interviews lies in a format that highlights your top skills and Achievements in a way that is easiest for your reader to digest and understand.

      Once your reader understands your value-add and relevance to the role, they are more likely to call you in for an interview.

      Why Choose Our Free CV Samples?

      While there are hundreds of resume samples and templates online, our Resume Samples are written by real CV Consultants and HR Experts.

      As CV Writers, we have collaborated with actual clients from these industries. These CV Samples are modelled from careers within these industries.

      Who created these CV Samples?

      These CV Samples are written in-house by the ResumeWriter Team. As HR Veterans ourselves, we’ve read and reviewed thousands of resumes throughout our careers.

      We’d discovered what works, and what doesn’t. What helps information to stick, and what leads to distractions.

      This Resume Sample set is the result of plenty of research. We’re offering them to you for free!

      Can I see some CV Templates produced by the ResumeWriter Team?

      Absolutely! Check out our list of 10+ CV Templates here. They are ATS-optimized, modern and designed in line with our signature ResumeWriter format.

      When you’re done writing your CV with our templates, don’t forget to send your CV to us for a Free CV Feedback session with our team of HR Experts!

      How do I Write a Cover Letter for my CV?

      Most jobseekers have the impression that a Cover Letter is useless or unncessary for your application.

      This couldn’t be further from the truth!

      Employers still read your Cover Letter. In fact, a Cover Letter should complement your Resume by speaking directly to the reader. It is your opportunity to tell the reader directly why you are the best candidate for the job.

      It is so important that we have crafted an Ultimate Cover Letter Writing Guide. Feel free to review this guide to maximise your chances of landing your next interview!

      Do you have Free Cover Letter Samples?

      Yes, we do! Check out our downloadable Cover Letter Samples, or be inspired by our Cover Letter Templates.

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