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May 22, 2020

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Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for a Banking IT Manager in Hong Kong.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • About the Banking IT Manager Role
  • What Hiring Managers Look For In Banking IT Manager Resumes
  • Banking IT Manager Job Opportunities
  • Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter
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    Banking IT Manager CV [Full Sample]

    Here’s a full Banking IT Manager resume sample, which we wrote for a client recently.

    Banking IT Manager
    Email:   |   Mobile: +852 XXXX XXXX   |   Nationality: Chinese
    • Professional with over 12 years’ experience in managing IT and Business Intelligence operations in North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and South East Asia, looking for opportunity to apply skills and experience in similar role [This opening line perfectly captures a strong summary]
    • Expertise in insurance, event-based marketing campaigns, Basel II credit RWA & risk analytics
    • Broad and deep understanding of solution architecture, project management, technology consulting, business analysis and IT service management [These skills are the ones mentioned in the job advertisement. Mirror them to get past the CV scanners.]
    • Proven capability to build and manage high performing teams. Experienced working with C-level management and other business leaders on complex projects
    • Adept at motivating and coaching teams in cross-functional environments. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    SQL (Oracle, Teradata)   |   Teraminer   |   Cognos Impromptu and Powerplay   |   MS Project   |   Sun Accounts   |   Unica Affinium   |   Sunopsis   |   Teradata Utilities   |   Mercury Test Director   |    Oracle   |   MS Access   |   Teradata   |   Teradata FSLDM (Financial Services Logical Data Model)  
    May 2005 – Present
    XYZ BANK, Hong Kong
    • Directed IT Relationship Management for Group Risk Management; led regional team of 42 staff with unit budget of 5 million USD; responsible for full spectrum of IT related solutions, projects & maintenance initiatives [The opening line captures all the reader needs to know about this role, including number of staff being led, working budget, as well as specific responsibilities]
    • Analysed operations and developed winning strategies to increase automation, improve processes, systems and overall technical infrastructure; successfully implemented regional, centralised processes and systems to meet risk management targets
    • Pivotal in promoting analysis of Business Intelligence throughout organization; identified key areas of improvement and proactively reached out to key decision makers to drive initiative through
    • Built significantly lean Global Service Delivery team in Hong Kong and Hong Kong for comparable asset size and product range, augmented by outsourced managed service team [Projects are always good to mention as it show’s you can work with cross functional teams.]
    • Managed external vendors for critical projects and services; set deliverables, communicated deadlines, negotiated contracts, maintained budgets and constantly monitored schedule and progress
    Significant Achievements
    • Successfully grew adoption of Business Intelligence Platform from 1 business mart in 2005 to 38 business marts in 2010
    • Led Enterprise Data Warehouse support team to win Best Quality Engine Award for 2 consecutive years; successfully improved Customer Experience for 6000+ Business Users in Hong Kong, Hong Kong & China for 36+ Enterprise Systems by reducing High Impact Defects by 100%
    • Continually improved Customer experience on EDW, Fermat & ERP Systems by reducing batch loading times by 20% to 50%; initiated, project managed and successfully delivered 3 million USD worth of Hardware and Software upgrades in 2 years [Cite metrics to substantiate your achievements. Do, however, be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]
    • Saved over 450’000 USD in maintenance and licensing costs; successfully migrated from Oracle based Global Data Warehouse to Teradata EDW; decommissioned older systems and consolidated platforms
    • Ranked in top 10% of Vice Presidents by IT management for 2 consecutive years; subsequently placed under Management Fast Track Program
    • Supported Section Head in achieving top spot for Employee Engagement with score of 95% for 2 consecutive years; improved employee satisfaction by reducing batch defects and night time on-site support incidents by 70% [Don’t be shy to share your awards. You’ve earned them]
    Apr 2008 – Oct 2009
    XYZ BANK, Hong Kong
    • Led team of 9 to deliver solutions in Architecture, Governance, Development & Delivery of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
    • Led team to deliver business intelligence modules; managed full spectrum of development from architecture to implementation in several units including: [For complex responsibilities like this, it’s a good idea to break them up and explain each key part clearly.]
    • CRM/Business Analytics – Regional Event Based & Campaign Marketing, Product Bundling & Volume Based Pricing
    • Risk Management – Basel II Credit (AIRB), ALM, Default & Recovery, Economic Capital, Retail Scoring, Consumer Credit Bureau Reporting
    • Finance & Regulatory – MIS Reporting, AML, Retail payment Stats, FRS 759/760, Section 27/29, FRS 613
    • Appointed as IT Relationship Manager for Group Risk Management; ensured two-way communication between IT function and C-level executives for overall alignment; coordinated and liaised with key management and partners; prioritized IT Projects accordingly whilst measuring KPI’s and outlining recommendations in quarterly reports
    Significant Achievements
    • Successfully grew adoption of Business Intelligence Infrastructure from 1 business mart in 2005 to 38 business marts in 2010; conducted over 30 training sessions on EDW, Teradata FSLDM and Business Intelligence benefits & usage across all levels of management
    • Delivered over 26 million USD worth of strategic & regulatory projects using Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) [This achievement is very short but the data speaks for itself.]
    • Pioneered Proof of Concepts on EDW capabilities that resulted in realisation of business capabilities in Early Warning, CRO Dashboard and Global MIS
    • Master in Business Administration (International Business), Hong Kong University | 2007
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications), Hang Seng School of Commerce | 1999
    • Certification in CMFAS Module 1A and 5
    • ITIL V3 Foundation & Intermediate (PPO) Certification
    • PMP Certified, PMP Institute
    • Languages: English, Chinese and Cantonese
    • Availability: Immediately

    References available upon request

    [There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]


    Writing an IT Resume

    Follow the steps of our resume writing guide and you’ll have a killer CV in no time!

    1. Resume Header

    Ensure your header clearly states your Name, Email Address and Contact Number. There is no need to put your home address or identification number.

    2. Executive Summary

    The executive summary gives a quick overview of your work history. Here, we want to communicate your strong work ethic, desire to learn and leadership abilities, if any. If you’ve got domain expertise in the field you’re applying for, do heavily emphasise that.

    3. Technical Skills

    It is highly recommended to include a technical skills table in your resume. This will help the recruiter gain a quick understanding of your skills in a single glance.

    4. Work Experiences

    Always break your work experiences into 2 parts – your daily workscope and your achievements.

    For the daily workscope, include a high level summary. Workscopes which are implied can be omitted. Remember, you want to keep your resume short and sharp for the recruiter.

    This section includes all the keywords resume scanning softwares often use. Its important to place key softwares/languages here relevant to the job ad you’re applying for. Scan the job application and parrot back the key phrases they’ve mentioned into your resume.

    5. Key Achievements

    Your achievements section is critical to differentiating your application from that of your peers. Include projects which you have led and their resulting tangible business benefits. These benefits can be in the form of:

    • Cost savings to the firm
    • New revenue gains
    • Better / Streamlined processes
    • Awards received during tenure

    Always tie back your projects to business benefits. This is what the hiring manager and employer want to see. Ultimately, they want to know you can bring great value to their organisation.

    As far as possible do include metrics or numbers in your achievements. This helps to add substance to your resume and give the reader an objective view of your skills and abilities.

    Bonus Job Hunting Tips for Banking IT Managers

    The problem with many IT professionals is that they have exceptional technical skills and impressive work experiences, but they don’t know how to highlight these on their resumes.

    Having an outstanding IT resume is critical in landing your dream job in one of the top companies in Hong Kong. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to write an IT resume, primarily focusing on banking industry.

    Key Pointers Hiring Managers Look For in Banking IT Manager Resumes

    • Your ability to deliver full SDLC projects
    • Your experience in comprehending business needs and translating them into technical specifications
    • Proven leadership skills in managing teams and delivering large projects on time and under budget

    Banking IT Manager Job Opportunities

    • Join LinkedIn groups or follow companies you wish to work for to keep abreast with new job openings.
    • Alternatively, you can reach out to these headhunters in Hong Kong to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.

    Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter

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