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Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for an advertising executive in Hong Kong:




Tel.: +852 XXXX XXXX | Email: | Nationality: Chinese


  • Professional Clerk with 10 years of experience performing full secretarial duties and clerkship, serving senior executives in top Hong Kong companies
  • Strong expertise in online research, data entry, and document management. Played pivotal role in improving existing filing system that significantly reduced 48 man hours per week
  • Led migration of paper-based form processing to electronic document management system that improved employees’ productivity by 75% and reduced supply cost by 40%

[This section gives a good overview of the candidate. Quantifying the current role also helps give scale to current responsibilities.]


Clerkship Secretarial Duties
Customer Service Data Entry
Events Management & Scheduling Document Filing

[Ensure the keywords here mirror those used in the job ad. The first round of vetting is often done by a software scanner. This section helps to pad the CV with key advertising phrases necessary to get past those scanners.]


SENIOR CLERK                                                May 2013 – Present
JUNIOR CLERK                                                                  Sep 2010 – Feb 2013
  • Perform full secretarial and clerkship duties to 20 professors in the Department of Business Administration. Overall in charge of events scheduling and management, attendance tracking, sourcing of substitute teachers, booking conference rooms, and recording of minutes of meetings [Opening line describes candidate’s primary responsibilities, and size of team being served.]
  • Manage 2 junior clerks in performing general office administrative tasks and facilities management [This line demonstrates the candidate’s leadership skills in managing 2 direct reports.]
  • Provide excellent customer support by responding timely to students’ and parents’ enquiries via phone, email, or face to face communication
  • Assist with planning, communication, and execution of departmental events and activities

Significant Highlights

  • Led migration of paper-based form processing to electronic document management system that improved employees’ productivity by 75% and reduced supply cost by 40% [Cite quantifiable metrics to support your achievements. Do, however, be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]
  • Played pivotal role in improving existing filing system that significantly reduced 48 man hours per week
  • Promoted to Sr. Clerk in 2013 for excellent performance [Don’t be shy to mention your promotion. You’ve earned it!]
PERSONAL ASSISTANT                                                                Feb 2007 – Aug 2010
APPLE, Hong Kong
  • Performed full personal assistant duties to Sales Director and provided support to 5 sales managers and 40 sales representatives in performing administrative tasks [Simple, clear overview of the job you previously done. No need to go into deep detail about previous workscopes.]
  • Managed all aspects of office operations, including facilities and supplies management, event organisation, local and international travel arrangements, and vendor and supplier compliance
  • In charge of transcribing, recording, and communicating minutes of meeting


  • Organizational Skills, Vocational Training Council | 2010
  • Diploma in Info-Communication, Vocational Training Council | 2006


  • Technical Skills: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Languages: Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Availability: Immediately

References available upon request
[There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]

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About the Clerk Role

Office clerks perform a little bit of everything in the office. Depending on the nature of the work or the industry he or she is working in, a clerk may keep records, answer the phone, encode or process data, file documents, run errands, sort incoming mails, or simply undertake routine administrative duties.

Each clerk job varies according to the company and/or industry type. For instance, a court clerk will have different duties than one employed in a marketing firm. As you start to work as an office clerk, you will more likely be doing a little bit of everything. But as you gain more experience and skills, you will be able to specialise in a particular function or hold a position of clerk manager.

If you are planning to apply as a clerk in Hong Kong, this post will serve as your guide on how to write a resume that stands out from the competition.

Key Pointers Hiring Managers Look For in Clerk Resumes

  • Organisational Skills: Because clerks are expected to do multiple tasks at once, make sure to highlight on your CV that you can stay organized and focus on the projects at hand.
  • Communication Skills: Additionally, since you may have to deal with different office employees, ensure that your excellent communication skills are evident in your resume.
  • Technologically-Inclined: Demonstrate that you are familiar with or knowledgeable in using basic office tools, such as the computer, phone, copier, and fax machine.

Additional Clerk Resume Writing Tips

  • Keep your resume short and simple, but remember to include all relevant details of your current and past work experiences. Make sure to include significant accomplishments you were able to achieve, quantifying where it’s possible.
  • Mention related courses you’ve taken, awards and certificates you’ve received, as well as office tools and technical skills you’re familiar with. All these will add strength to your overall profile as an office clerk and improve your chances of getting hired fast.

Office Clerk Job Opportunities

  • Join LinkedIn groups or follow companies you wish to work for to keep abreast with new job openings.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to these headhunters in Hong Kong to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.

Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter

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