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Here’s a Cover Letter sample we recently produced for a Digital Transformation Product Owner in Hong Kong:

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Dear Hiring Manager,

[If you know the hiring manager’s name, personalise and address them directly. LinkedIn job ads, for example, often state the name of the person posting the ad.]

Application for the Position of Digital Product Owner

I’m thrilled to apply for the position of Digital Product Owner at XYZ Company. Through my >10 years’ experience overseeing and implementing enterprise sales, process analysis and CRM deployment for a leading international telecommunications company, I’ve come to specialize in all aspects of Digital Products. My key domains of expertise include Business and Technology Strategy, Process Analysis, Project Management and B2B Customer Liaison. I possess demonstrable technical expertise in Project Management frameworks and processes, including Agile, Scrum and Lean Development Methodologies. With my proven track record of driving successful product strategy, and collaborating with international stakeholders to achieve business objectives, I am positive that I am an ideal candidate for XYZ Company. [This section summarizes your work experience as a seasoned IT Professional, which will help give the hiring manager an idea of what you can do.]

  • In my current role as Product Owner – International Digitization with ABC Inc., I manage a team of 10 direct reports covering technical capabilities and business analysis, together with 30 software developers based offshore. I coordinate end-to-end project management, setting the direction for global delivery of applications to team members in multiple languages across various delivery methods. Beyond this, I also collaborate closely with international stakeholders across Asia and the Americas to develop and define the technology and architecture roadmap, maintaining strategic alignment with Global Headquarters.
  • Amongst my various achievements, I’m most proud of leading the team to deliver a new CRM within 6 months, replacing the existing CRM and resulting in >HKD2M productivity savings. I have also been invited to represent ABC Inc. at SSS World Tour in 2018 to showcase ABC Inc’s Digital Transformation journey over the past decade. [Cite a recent achievement that has quantifiable metrics to support your capabilities. Do be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]

XYZ Company is renowned in the region for leveraging lean and agile methodologies to deploy software quickly and efficiently, and continuously delivering industry-leading products. I believe that my prior experience, deep domain expertise, and demonstrable experience will allow me to effectively translate business and user requirements into actionable IT business cases, direct digitization of overall business processes, and deploy solutions rapidly. [Focus on complementary skills that were not previously mentioned, but are directly relevant to the target role, which the firm could be looking for.]

I am thrilled at the possibility of being part of such a renowned firm and would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the value that I can bring to XYZ Company. Please feel free to contact me at any time via mobile at +852 1234 5678 or by email at [To wrap up, do include your contact details, so that the hiring manager can follow up with you easily for next steps.]

Yours faithfully,
Kenny Sim

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About the Digital Transformation Product Owner Role

Businesses of all sizes have been forced to embrace Digital Transformation – the adoption of new tools, software and processes to solve problems, improve operations or expedite workflows. Experts in this domain are hence highly sought after to help companies navigate this change.

Digital transformation consultants support companies with a broad range of applications, including digitizing analogue processes, and facilitating the integration of systems and processes into the cloud..

Curiosity is a valued trait; experts must continuously experiment with different solutions, technologies and tests to drive improvements in business processes.


What Hiring Managers Look for in Digital Product Owner Cover Letters

Here are our top Digital Product Owner Cover Letter writing tips:

  • List your most significant achievements that involve growing revenue, decreasing costs, or both. Rapid testing, iteration and teamwork to drive business results is king in this position.
  • Results and metrics are critical. Link your skills and work scope to your achievements.
  • Describe how you have shaped the workplace by developing junior leaders, optimising operational processes, and efficiently allocating resources.
  • Emphasise your knowledge of the industry, clients, and stakeholders. State how you forged strong relationships with your clients and the value you created for them and your company.
  • Craft a narrative that shows how you combine a broad array of skills to generate immense value.


Digital Product Owner Job Opportunities

  • Join LinkedIn groups or follow companies you wish to work for to keep abreast with new job openings.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to these headhunters in Hong Kong to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.


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