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Killing it in Sales? Excellent!

Find it hard to sell yourself through your CV? Don’t worry, it happens.

A lot of great salespeople struggle to build a good sales manager resume.

Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Here’s a great sales manager CV sample, and 5 easy resume tips that can help you get there too:



Tel.: +852 XXXX XXXX | Email: | Nationality: Chinese


  • Highly driven Sales Manager with over 13 years’ sales, marketing, and business development experience, directing brand campaigns and product launches across APAC
  • Adept at client relationship management (CRM) and sales pipeline development, with a background managing portfolios of 2,000+ accounts and sales of $120M per annum
  • Strong leader, with extensive knowledge of Telecommunication and Data Service markets across Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, capable of leading B2B sales teams of 35+
  • Achievements include:
    • Attained YOY growth of 20%and increased market share by 13%from 2016 to 2018 at SingTel. Secured growth by identifying untapped market demographic, revising brand strategy and launching targeted campaigns via online channels
    • Led new market penetration across APAC, expanding presence for Telstra from Hong Kong to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and generating additional $8M in revenue within the first year


Channel Sales • Strategy Planning Business Development • Sales Pipeline Management • Sales Prospecting • Market Research & Analysis • New Market & Brand Penetration • B2B Marketing P&L Management • Client Relationship Management • Stakeholder Management • TeamLeadership • Talent Development


B2B SALES MANAGER (APAC)                                                       Apr 2015 – Present
SingTel, Hong Kong
SingTel is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions. They have a network of subsidiaries throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, and a combined mobile subscriber base of over 640M
  • Lead team of 35 sales executives, directing B2B sales of broadband services to clients (varying from small SMEs to large MNCs) across Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines
  • Manage sales pipeline of $120M per annum and client portfolio of 50,000+ accounts. Conduct performance management, monitor sales teams’ KPIs, identify untapped opportunities, and develop action and response plans as necessary
  • Liaise closely with Marketing and Strategy teams to develop new business initiatives. Assess go-to-market opportunities, coordinate product launches, and represent SingTel at leading industry events (Broadband Forum Asia, CommunicAsia, Sitex, etc.)
  • Establish and grow business relationships with senior management of potential customers; communicate unique value proposition of SingTel products and potential business benefits to secure successful deal closure
  • Generate comprehensive product and revenue reports for senior management, including peer product comparison. Detail budgets and forecasts as well as strategies to drive continued growth for product portfolio. Attend quarterly Global Sales Review & Insights session, and help guide and develop growth strategy
  • Manage team growth and talent development, overseeing full cycle from hiring to training, mentoring, and appraisals. Conduct succession planning and bi-annual training workshops, growing team knowledge base across new product offerings and roadmaps, and guiding development in-line with SingTel core values

Significant Achievements

  • Attained YOY growth of 20% and increased market share by 13% from 2016 to 2018, by identifying untapped market demographic, revising brand strategy and launching targeted campaigns via online channels
  • Instrumental in the design and implementation of new SME product offering and subsequent sales campaign, resulting in on-boarding of additional 2,000 clients within the first 6-months
  • Saved 18-man hours, per sales team member, per week, and improved sales team operational efficiency by 12%, by designing and implementing new processes to overcome bottlenecks in sales quote procedure. New process resulted in $400K in additional sales within 2-month timeframe
  • Outperformed all sales targets, ranking in Top 5 among company’s global sales team
SALES MANAGER (APAC)                                                             Jan 2011 – Mar 2015
SALES EXECUTIVE                                                                        Oct 2007 – Dec 2010
Telstra, Hong Kong
Telstra is a full service domestic and international telecommunications provider, operating in the data, internet, online-services and directory services sectors. Telstra’s flagship Hong Kong datacentre provides managed IT infrastructure services to 20,000 clients, generating annual revenues of $120M
  • Managed team of 18, generating new and repeat sales for Hong Kong datacentre (SGCS2) managed IT services across APAC; oversaw all aspects of performance management, driving sales team to achieve all targets and meet customer expectations
  • Directed business development and network management, establishing and growing relationships with potential customers and channel partners; liaised closely with IT and Product teams, identifying client requirements, scoping solutions, and drafting competitive proposals and sales quotes

Significant Achievements

  • Led new market penetration across APAC, expanding presence for Telstra from Hong Kong to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, generating additional $8M in revenue within the first year
  • Consistently achieved all sales targets over 8-year period; exceeded targets by 28% in 2013 and 43% in 2014
  • Played key role in datacentre 2012 update & migration operation; liaised heavily with product teams and client accounts to ensure minimal disruption to client services and upcoming orders


Bachelor of Business Management (Hons)
Hong Kong University | Hong Kong | 2007


Nationality: Chinese
Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin
Availability: 2 months’ notice

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Tip #1 – Be a Leader:

The top secret to an amazing sales manager resume?

Don’t just focus on Sales!

Sounds crazy…

…but, it’s true.

In today’s world most sales managers are expected to do more than just sell:

They’re expected to lead.

Are you managing a team? Can you successfully motivate them? Are you helping them hit their sales targets?

…leading team of 12…

…directing talent development…

…guiding performance to consistently hit team sales targets…

If your CV doesn’t show you can lead, you’re not going to get an interview.

Tip #2 – Strategize and Get Creative:

How to stand out over other sales managers?

Prove you know how to strategize like a boss:

To be a great sales manager you’ll have thought outside the box, got creative, and come up with unique ways to engage with customers.

…identified untapped market demographic…

…spearheaded first-ever in-store interactive sales solution…

…implemented ‘hero product’ campaign, targeting social media influencers…

Make sure your resume shows it…

and get ahead of the competition!


Tip #3 – Be an Expert in Your Field:

Here’s the deal:

The sales manager job you really want, it’s in a similar sector to the one you’re already in, right? Maybe the same exact industry?

Show you’re an expert in it.

You can make your CV stand out to recruiters and hiring managers so much more by including keywords that they’ll not just recognise, they’ll be actively looking for.

…B2B / B2C next-gen broadband solutions…

…cross-selling/up-selling marine control and monitoring technologies …

…sales cycle planning for proprietary card issuance…

Get specific, put in industry relevant keywords and phrases, and make sure they can see you know your stuff.


Tip #4 – Name Drop and Quantify to Add Value:

What’s one of the biggest resume mistakes you can make?

Not adding context or scale.

“As a B2B broadband sales manager I represent my company at industry events.” Oh yeah? Yawn.

“As a B2B broadband sales manager, I represent my company at leading industry events, such as Broadband Forum Asia, CommunicAsia, and Sitex.” Okay, much more interesting, and carries much more value!

Same applies to clients:

“Managing sales accounts to Mitsubishi, Ford, and Toyota,” sounds a lot better than just “Managing sales accounts.”

Even just adding numbers can help…

…looking after a portfolio of 2,000+…

…overseeing a pipeline valued at over $120M…

…presenting to groups of 25-80…

Make sure hiring managers can see your worth, by dropping names and giving context!


Tip #5 – How Long Should a CV Be? Not That Long:

Probably the worst resume mistake you can make is presenting a CV that’s too long:

The ideal resume length is 2-3 pages, MAXIMUM.

It doesn’t matter if you have 12 years’ experience or 40, your resume should NEVER exceed 3 pages.


Because nobody cares what you were doing 10+ years ago!

Your present is so much more relevant than your ancient past.

And remember, relevance is key:

Before moving to sales you were an engineer? Neat, but no sales hiring manager wants to know what phase of production you were involved in or how many engines you refurbished.

It’s a fact:

The longer your CV, the less likely it packs a punch.

Keep it short, simple, and strong.


Sales Management Job Opportunities

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