How To Write Great Achievements In Your Resume (with Examples)

February 18, 2021


Why Include Accomplishments Or Achievements in Your Resume?

Getting an interview isn’t just about meeting all the requirements mentioned in the job advertisement.

Over 80% of the applicants to a job advertisement will meet all the requirements. But less than 10% will be called for an interview.

To ensure you’re in that 10%, you need to include some great accomplishments to differentiate your application from the pack.

Types of Achievements or Accomplishments to Include

Here, we’ve listed the categories of achievements you can include in your resume. You don’t have to include all the types. We’ve simply made an extensive list to help you get ideas on what you can include in your resume.

Always tie your achievements back to tangible business benefits. As far as possible, include various numbers to add substance to your statements.

It’s up to your judgment to pick the accomplishments, which are most impactful. Don’t unnecessarily pad your resume with unimpressive achievements. Recall, we want to keep the document short and sharp.

How to Write Achievements in Resume

Resume Achievements Examples:

Type 1: Making The Firm More Money

  • Achieved sales growth of 35% YOY; created new sales collateral and installed clear reminders to contact clients during buying process to ensure follow through and closure of purchase of investment instruments

Type 2: Saving The Firm Money

  • Saved over 12 million USD annually by negotiating long term supply contracts with vendors; liaised closely with legal team to ensure inclusion of exit clauses for firm in the event of demand drop

Type 3: Increasing Productivity

  • Created automated balance sheet that pulls data from multiple locations; new automated process saves over 16 man hours weekly

Type 4: Solving A Critical Problem

  • Instrumental in resolution of server failures from high traffic spikes; minified page code and purchased content distribution network to reduce load on home servers. New changes resulted in page uptimes of 99.99%

Type 5: Leading A Large Project

  • Played key role in managing merging of systems post acquisition of bottling plant; mapped out processes at new factory, identified redundancies as well as synergies. Led change management and achieved annual costs savings of 20% per unit from economies of scale

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