Ultimate Hong Kong Salary Guide for Jobseekers (2024) 

February 29, 2024

Salary Guide

Hong Kong has some of the highest salaries in the world. Are you, however, being underpaid?

What should your “expected salary” be for your role?

We’ve put together this ultimate Hong Kong salary guide to help you out. Use this as a salary checker, to benchmark your pay against everyone else in your industry.

This salary information can help you plan your expected salary, and negotiate a better compensation package for yourself. 🙂

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    Hong Kong salary: Frequently Asked Questions

    Just want to check out salary numbers and trends for a specific occupation or industry?

    Jump right ahead 🙂

    What should my expected salary in Hong Kong be?

    We’ve put together a list of average expected salaries in Hong Kong this year, sorted by industry:

    What is Hong Kong’s salary tax?

    In Hong Kong, salary tax is your personal income tax. Hong Kong’s salary tax follows a progressive tax system. The system has 5 marginal tax brackets at 2%, 6%, 10%, 14% and 17%.

    There is also no capital gains tax, dividends tax and inheritance tax in Hong Kong.

    For more information on specific salary tax details, check this article out.

    What’s the average salary in Hong Kong?

    The average annual salary in Hong Kong is HK$553,640. Actual expected salaries will differ across various industries.

    What is the median income in Hong Kong?

    The Hong Kong median income, by household size or monthly household income, as of Q1 is:

    • Public rental housing: HK$17,700
    • Subsidised home ownership housing: HK$27,000
    • Private permanent housing: HK$38,500
    • Overall: HK$27,300

    Source: Census and Statistics Department (Hong Kong)

    Is there minimum wage in Hong Kong?

    Yes. As of January 2024, there is a minimum wage in Hong Kong of HK$37.50 per hour. The Legislative Council of Hong Kong introduced a minimum wage of HK$28 per hour in Hong Kong in July 2010, before raising this amount to HK$37.50 per hour in 2019.

    What is domestic helper salary in Hong Kong?

    The Hong Kong government has slated a minimum allowable wage of HK$4,630 per month for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Employers of domestic helpers must also provide a food allowance of HK$1,121 per month.

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