How To Customise Your CV For Different Job Applications

July 13, 2020

Customise CV

Should I customise my resume for each job?

Our answer is yes, absolutely!

There’s only one scenario where it’s okay for you to use the same CV for different job applications – when you’re applying for the same type of role in the same industry.

However, most jobseekers apply for several type of roles, across multiple industries. If you’re doing that, you’ll definitely need to customise your CV for each job.

You might be thinking now: “But that’s so much work!”

The unfortunate truth is there are too many applicants for roles these days. Recruiters don’t have time to figure out if you’re the perfect fit for the role.

It’s your job to make it so obvious to them at first glance, that they move you right away to their interview callback pile.

How do you customise your CV? Here’s our quick step by step process:

How do I change my CV for different jobs?

  1. Match your CV title and Job Title to the job ad
  2. Tailor your CV Executive Summary
  3. Optimise for Keywords

1. Match your CV title and Job Title to the job ad

If the job ad is for a marketing manager, make sure your CV title reads “Marketing Manager” and that your last role reads that too. (only if it’s honest to do so)

Some companies have weird job titles. eg. Customer Success. Instead of that you can state “Account Manager (Customer Success)”

2. Tailor your CV Executive Summary

Study the job ad. What are the 3 key skills they’re looking for? Make those top 3 skills the first 3 bullet point of your executive summary.

3. Optimise for Keywords

Use apps like Jobscan or CareerHero to identify which keywords are missing from your CV. This is important if you want to get pass those ATS CV scanners.

If you’re still confused, our colleagues have put together a short 9 minute video. In it, you’ll see first hand how we tailor CVs for each job ad, highlighting the most critical changes necessary.

Customising your CV might be a little time consuming at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Avoid the spray-and-pray method of applying for jobs. Aim for the best roles like a sniper.

It’ll result in more interview calls for the time you invest!

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