How to Write an Outstanding Job Application Email (with 3 Samples!)

February 26, 2021

Job Application Email

Applying for a job is really easy these days, especially if you use LinkedIn or apply through job portals.

All you have to do is click, and your profile and CV get sent to HR.

But sometimes, there are no shortcuts. Some job ads may specifically call for job applications to be submitted by email.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical to know how to craft a compelling email for your job application.

Your job application email is your first point of contact with HR. Seize the opportunity to sell yourself well via email, and score an interview callback!

In this article, we’ll show you how to write a job application email that emphasises your competitive advantage, and provide some sample emails that you can use too.

ResumeWriter Tip: Tempting as it may be to apply directly through job boards, we recommend to avoid doing so! Make the effort to email the hiring manager instead. Trust us, you’ll have a better chance of standing out amid a sea of applicants.

How to Write a Job Application Email

What is A Job Application Email

Think of your job application email as a highly condensed version of your Cover Letter.

In our ultimate Cover letter guide, we explain what a Cover Letter is: an opportunity to tell recruiters more about you on a personal level, and bring your best attributes and achievements to the fore.

Your Cover Letter convinces employers that you’re a worthy candidate, by letting your career narrative and competitive advantage shine through.

Your job application email is a more concise version of that. Pick out only the top few highlights from your Cover Letter for your email.

These highlights should entice recruiters and Hiring Managers to open up your Resume and Cover Letter attachments.

Stuck with your Cover Letter? Get inspired by our 20+ Cover Letter samples – use them to craft your own job-winning application.

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    Why Write a Job Application Email

    “Why can’t I just send an email cover letter?”

    It’s not that you can’t!

    Sending an entire Cover Letter in email format isn’t unacceptable. It’s actually a matter of personal preference.

    But at ResumeWriter.SG, our view is that it’s a far better option to send an email with your Resume and Cover Letter attached.

    Here are a few reasons why:

    1. Attachments are easier for HR and the Hiring Manager to file, print, distribute and save for easier future reference.
    2. Emails might get lost in inboxes or accidentally deleted
    3. If you get an email thread going from your initial email, which has the embedded Cover Letter, it’ll get pushed all the way to the bottom and likely forgotten about

    So, with these in mind, doesn’t attaching the Cover Letter in email sound better to you?

    With that said, how do you write a standout job application email?

    How to Write a Job Application Email

    Remember, the objective of your email is to persuade potential employers of the value you’ll bring to the company.

    How can the employer benefit from your experience and skill set? How are you going to make an impact? Why should he hire you over other candidates?

    ResumeWriter Tip: Besides your Cover Letter and job application email, your resume is another crucial component of your “sales pitch” to prospective employers! Discover our secrets to crafting a winning resume.

    What to Include in a Job Application Email

    Include your:

    • Full Name
    • Title of Position you’re applying for
    • How you found out about the job
    • Reasons you’re applying
    • Competitive Advantage (Reasons why the employer should hire you)
    • Highlights of Your Experience, Achievements and Qualifications
    • LinkedIn Profile

    Structure of a Job Application Email

    • Email Subject Line: Open with a concise and direct subject line that clearly states the intention of your email
    • Opening Line: Introduce yourself, clearly state the position you’re applying for, and where/how you found out about the job.
    • Body Paragraph: Insert 2-3 short sentences outlining your competitive advantage, and why the employer should consider your application.
    • Ending Line: Conclude with a call-to-action for the employer to follow up, and thank them for reading your email.
    • Closing: End your email with a formal sign-off

    Get more inspiration from our Job Application Email samples below 🙂

    Job Application Email Samples

    Sample 1: Job Application Email for a Digital Marketing Associate Position

    Sample 2: Job Application Email for a Software Engineer Position

    Sample 3: Job Application Email for a Business Development Manager Position

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